Miami Fish Bowl 11th year running pools.

It's just better when there's something riding on it!

Pool time people. After a year hiatus time to dust off the crystal ball, buy new flights for your darts, polish that lucky penny what ever you use to make your picks with. Myself it is all skill baby.

We will be running the normal pools, weekly, season, margin and survivor. No digit pool this year.

Use the link above and signup.
I will be checking the signup file daily, in the evening, so the next day you will be able to submit your picks.

One thing new this year on the piksheet is you will not receive a confirming pick email. One reason the software engineer retired from further developement of the software was the email feature and the problems with servers rejecting the piksheet confirmation emails. So you will have to print the sheet out.

One thing to keep in mind is if you made your picks then resubmit another piksheet a few days later. the later submission will overide any picks you made earlier.

Can you resubmit my picks if I change my mind?
Yes just submit a new piksheet. You can do so till up to 8pm pst Saturday night . The new submission will override your previous submission. But keep in mind you have to resubmit a complete piksheet and all games you are participating in.

Can I join the Survivor or Margin Pool only?
Yes, just sign up for either or both. You no longer have to join the Season or Weeky pools to play in the Survivor or Margin pools. There now is a Survivor/Margin pool only pick sheet for you to use.













I will have another bowl of!

Today is Mon Oct 23 11:51:29 MST 2017
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